In recognition of Black History month, we’re speaking with two leaders in Arizona who are working to advance the health and well-being of Black Arizonans. Teniqua Broughton is the Executive Director of the State of Black Arizona, an organization best known for its thorough publications that highlight…well…the state of Black Arizona. These ‘Volumes’, as they’re titled, provide an evidence-based foundation from which one can better understand the experience of African Americans in our state. We’re also thrilled to welcome Dr. Charlene Tarver, CEO of the Women’s Economic Institute, an organization working in Arizona and New York to advance economic security for all women and girls, with a specific focus on Black women. During the pandemic, Dr. Tarver also founded the Black Arizona COVID-19 Task Force, which, as you’ll hear, gained national attention for its work. Let’s dive in. 

    • Supporting Black-led Organizations – Here’s a list of resources for community members, partners, and fundholders who are interested in supporting Black-led organizations.
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