This week’s episode marks the start of a journey into the health, well-being and vibrancy of Arizona’s tribal communities. Tribes comprise 7% of this state’s population, and have governmental responsibilities across 25% of its land mass. Yet tribes are far too misunderstood, and far too little recognized for their wisdom and strengths.

Our three awesome guests took on a daunting task: providing an overview of Arizona’s tribes for the 113th Arizona Town Hall background report entitled Creating Vibrant Communities. The work they did was such a great contribution that space in the report was expanded to give more momentum to busting some myths, building knowledge, and opening up new possibilities.

So let’s get to it. It’s time to open up the discussion about Arizona’s tribal communities, starting with an introduction to the Arizona Town Hall Background Report chapter, its authors, the tribes’ COVID experiences, and much more, as of January 25, 2021.


Creating Vibrant Communities, the 113th Arizona Town Hall Background Report

Native Nations Institute (Joan Timeche)

Morningstar Leaders (Debbie Nez)

HealthChoice Arizona (Holly Figueroa)

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